Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Outing

Abnormal Sunday post! If you want the regular Friday post, scroll down - it's below this one.

We went to a bunch of markets with Owen and Celia today. We started around Brick Lane and wound up at the Columbia Street flower market. Brick Lane is infested with hipsters, trendy people, and tourists. Columbia Street is filled with flower peddlers' barking. 

I went crazy with the cell phone camera. 

Celia looking like Davy Crocket

Sweet street art and a knitted bike! 
This is what hipsters look like.

Selling his wares...

This is a sequence of three pictures:

Owen: Look how ridiculous these are. People pay for them! Jorts! 

Owen: Allright, David, guess how much they cost.

Owen: Twenty five quid. Can you believe that?
The sign said, "Like us on Facebook," which disqualifies it as "pop up," in my opinion. You've become established at that point. 


Lots of pople selling art and t-shirts in these markets. 

Kenz spotted the Invader piece (see previous posts for further explanation) when we were walking past this alley. 

So we went to investigate...

We turned around and saw another Invader installment. 

Pretty sweet thieving sign, too.
Celia, referring to the woman in the sign: Oh! She's noticed it, but it's just a moment too late. Shame.

It's just streets and streets of this stuff. Thousands of people, too. We got there early to beat the crowd. 

Columbia Street Flower Market

Columbia Street Flower Market

This guy is an example of what you can expect on Columbia Street:

Finish it off in style. 

BYE! (They go north on the Overground, we go south.)

Not much else - just thought you'd like to see the pictures. We'll be scurrying around, trying to get ready for Thanksgiving this week. Again, safe travels!


What do you think of the new color scheme? Do you care? I got bored with the brown.


Happy Sunday!