Friday, September 7, 2012

Bachelor Pad

Kenz is already back in the States. Owen is staying with us/me for a little while longer, so I'm not all alone here in London. However, he stays in north London a few days a week because his band rehearses up there.

We wake up at 7:30, have coffee and cereal together while listening to music and scrolling through our phones. Not many words are spoken. We then go our separate ways for the day, working.

In the evening, we (he) will cook some food, discuss literature, politics, plans for get-rich-quick schemes, and tease each other on our personal appearances. We'll also get a five minute Skype call in with Kenz and sometimes Whit. The day finishes with an episode of the American Office on Netflix.

We're both asleep by 11:45pm.

It's wild.

This past Sunday, I popped down to Borough Market on my way home from some errands. I wound up buying some fresh veggies, venison burgers, and cheese for Owen to cook me that night. It was delicious.

The corn tasted like it was picked that day. My mother has taught me a new technique for cooking corn in the husk: 4 minutes in the microwave (per ear). Afterward, cut off the fat part at the bottom, and watch the husk (and those stringy things) just melt off the ear.

I forgot to take pictures of the market. This is all you get.

Owen cooking venison burgers in an iron skillet. He was amused at how awesome the iron skillet was.

4 Minutes in the microwave; try it

Everything purchased that day. Dinner is served

I had the opportunity to walk around Dulwich last weekend as well. There's a street artist named Stik has a few pieces in that part of town; I think he may be doing something with a museum in Dulwich or something. I dunno. I just know it was cool to walk past some of his stuff while I was out.

He's got stuff up all over the city. It's easy to spot his work because it's so distinct. He may not be as popular as Banksy, but his stuff usually doesn't get taken down anymore; some of his art sells for a lot of money as well. I think people like having his stuff on walls'n such, and aren't trying to make it disappear anymore.

You can read about him here; you can read an interview with him here.

The park that's across the street from us finally opened. Burgess Park been going through a 6 million pound renovation since we moved here. I took a stroll through it yesterday. The pictures don't do it justice; the park is 113 acres. The section that is across the street from us is hills that have perennial wildflowers recently planted on the sides of them, grass, tennis courts, ping pong tables, an outdoor gym, and a walking path. On the other side of the park is a pond, sports fields, playgrounds, and a cafe.

The new entrance. 

Told you the pictures wouldn't do it justice. However, it's cool to have a park directly across the street from our front door. 
 Last but not least - I found a unicorn:

I'll be flying back to Tennessee on Wednesday. Mark your calendars for Friday, October 5th - that's when I'll resume Friday updates.

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!