Friday, May 17, 2013

Miscellaneous repairs & photos

Met up with Owen and Celia on Sunday. We toured an exhibition called Souzou: Outsider Art from Japan. It was legit, but the Wellcome Trust is pretty strict about the 'no photographs' rule inside the exhibition. 

Apparently 'outsider art' is a term for the type of art folks make that have never been to school for art. All the exhibitioners are residents of mental wellness institutions in Japan. The ranged in age from 16-60(ish).


We're both busy and burning the candle at both ends. It's been one of those weeks where we don't quite hang out, per se. As a result, I have several random photos, but none from a specific event...

Wardour & Shaftsbury is the north corner of London's Chinatown.

"Beautiful Boy"

FaceTime with Kara, Jerry, & Pepper
Last week, we got an eggplant in our 'vegbox'. Kenz and I both agreed that no one actually enjoys eggplant, and that there's really nothing we had in mind that we could do with it. Kenz wound up trying to make eggplant 'chips'. I'm not saying she did this on purpose - I'm just saying it wouldn't surprise me if she had...

However, she did succeed in turning our mushrooms into a yummy snack/meal. Pesto, artichoke, bread crumbs, and mozzarella cheese...

In her last week of having to cut my food

Some British culinary traditions are sticking. Now that we get lots of tomatos, I've begun eating them with breakfast. 

Street art on the Surrey Canal walk. Artist is Loretto. 

This is the second stranger I've stopped in the street in order to photograph their shirt. 
Remember that leak we had back in February? It discolored the paint around our big window, along that wall, and around the ceiling. Essentially, that entire room needed to be repainted. It has taken four months, but the landlord finally got some painters in the house. He wasn't 'late' on it - the building manager had to fix the leak first. The only problem is that our place is pretty cramped as a result. 

I wound up going to the library to work yesterday. Afterward, I took a walk:

I found a new coffee shop in Camberwell

"Adventure in life is good!! Consistency in coffee even better!!"
The sign interested me. After wrestling with the idea of coffee too late in the afternoon, I decided to go 'wild' and walk in the door. Inside, I met Charlie, one of two co-owners of Maloko. The two of them serve coffee, crepes, and galettes. All vegetarian and mostly vegan friendly.

Where the magic happens

2/3 of the front room
Galettes are like savory crepes made with a buckwheat base. They're wheat, gluten, and sugar-free. And delicious. I had one with spinach, sweet potato, and vegan 'cheese'.

The other 1/3 of the front room
I ran into this one while on the walk, just by chance. I was going grocery shopping and she was waiting on a prescription.

Love it when this happens

Any takers?

I've always thought it was 'bits & bops'. 

Anthropomorphism FTW!
About the house:

This kinda explains it

Setting up

Last night

This morning

Not the most delightful work environment. Apparently it'll be finished today. Fingers crossed. 

We've also lost our hot water, so this weekend should be a 'fun' one.

Kenz plugging away at her Arduino robot/machine thing.

Back when Robert & Casey were visiting, I took them to Brick Lane for some shopping/people watching. We happened upon a woman who makes 'birds in hats' illustrations for a living. I was intrigued at the novelty of it - she had big prints, stickers, greeting cards, etc. I talked to her about the potential of making a Cardinal with a Celtics hat. Kenz and I both grew up with grandparents who loved Cardinals; I've also convinced Kenz to become a Celtics fan. It seemed only natural to combine the two. We'll be going to pick up the prints this Sunday. I'm pretty stoked - she sent me a picture of the final product:

That's it for this week. Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for reading.