Friday, June 7, 2013

Little to report

It's been a busy week despite little happening that's worthy to report (busy because of work). For better or worse (depending on who you talk to), I won't be writing much today. Mostly pictures. 

Allow me one story, though (it's Friday after all): 

Back in 2007, I purchased tickets to see Iron & Wine in concert. The 'band' (it's really just one guy, but he now travels with a band) is one of my favorites and I was excited to see him/them at the Bijou in Knoxville. It was while Sam Beam & Co. were touring the recently released Shepherd's Dog album, which was my favorite of all his albums (still is). 

Being the sweet, considerate, awesome (then-) boyfriend that I was, I purchased two tickets for Kenz and I. I couldn't wait to share the good news with her. I had great seats and she was going to be impressed with me for being a) culturally aware and b) responsible enough to plan far enough in advance to buy tickets. 

When I told her about the show, she just sat there and made a face. And it wasn't even an I-don't-like-the-band-but-I'll-go-to-make-you-happy face. It was a you-don't-think-I'm-going-to-that-show-with-you face. "I don't like Iron & Wine, David."


As it turned out, I got to take my sister, Kara, and we had a great time. 

Fast forward to April, 2013. Sam Beam releases Ghost on Ghost as well as some tour dates. My old office mate from NCSU, Charlie, who used to live in London and intermittently sends me emails with links for things I should do, let me know that Iron & Wine would be playing in London on May 31st. I promptly book two tickets for his show at the awesome Barbican Theatre

Again, I think, Kenz will be so happy that I did this. She'll be impressed with me for being a) culturally aware and b) responsible enough to plan far enough in advance to buy tickets

Again, I got the you-don't-think-I'm-going-to-that-show-with-you face. 

I think it was one of those times when you convince yourself that the other person has surely come around to the 'right' opinion on something because how could they see it any other way than your way. Does that make sense? I just assumed that she had grown into liking the band because she's older and more mature than she was in 2007. I kid...

Really I'm just a donkey for not accepting the fact that she doesn't like this band as much as I do. But, this time, I didn't have my sister to take to the show. And Owen said he didn't like Iron & Wine. 

So, I got ahold of a disc golf buddy who I knew was going to the show. Dan had tickets for himself and his girlfriend. He called up another disc golfer, Tom, who opted in for my extra ticket. We went. We ate dinner before. We enjoyed the fantastic show. 

Next time I'll just buy one ticket. 

Tom had never listened to Iron & Wine before! Ha! He said he thoroughly enjoyed it. 

The Barbican is one of the best music venues I've ever been to; looking forward to returning.
My buddy, Matt, went camping this past weekend. Well, car camping. He borrowed my tent, sleeping bag, pack, stove, etc. He was kind enough to send a picture of the car he rented as well as the tent.

Absurd car to camp in or the most absurd car to camp in?
I showed him how to set up the tent in the middle of a crowded Soho park. He was stunned that no one paid us any mind. Especially as I was showing him how to use the stove. He figured someone would try and stop us from setting up camp in the middle of a public park. My assumption was that everyone kinda had the same 'not my problem' mindset that's so common in major metropolitan cities.

Random Photos for the rest of the post:

For all my Game of Thrones fans. Hopefully you read the books before last week's episode. 

Spring is officially here. It has been sunny and 65 all week long. We're waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

Kenz in her favorite spot. 

With spring comes an early sunrise; this is the view from our window at 4:40am. 

You can't tell too well in the pic, but Kenz spent 3 days in the sunny park, reading. She got a sunglasses tan. 

I endured my annual warm-weather beard trim.

Kenz tried a wheat, gluten, and sugar free cookie recipe for me. 

It did not work out well. The artificial sweetener had an intense aftertaste. Ah well, Christmas is over (s/o Nancy Rucker for the new phrase).

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!

Another spring bonus: sun is out until 9pm. Early evening reading in Burgess Park!