Friday, September 6, 2013

Preparing for liftoff

As I write this, Kenz is researching how much it'll cost to change our flights back to Tennessee. We'd booked tickets to fly out on Monday, but we're both pining to get back as soon as possible. I bet I'll have an answer by the time I finish this post. I'm outrageously excited to return - so much so that I'm actually going along with the spontaneity.

Last weekend, I got out with Owen and Celia for some sushi. Celia had just returned from a month in Brazil, so we got the run-down on all the best (and worst) moments from her trip.


Owen's birthday sweatshirt.

Celia giving me a geography lesson on the back of a napkin (folded to look like South America).

We went for a walk afterward. 
On Saturday night, Dom & Liz came by for an outdoor movie in Burgess Park. We watched the original Italian Job, starring Michael Caine. It wound up getting chilly and windy during the movie,  even blowing the screen over at one point. Kenz was bundled as if she was summiting Everest.

The DVD was scratched and, during the final five minutes of the film, the organizers had to go get a replacement DVD player from a car. We decided to leave, return to the house, and watch the last five minutes on our computer (it was that cold). That movie has one of the best endings I've ever seen. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it.

There's not much else to say; both of us have been squirreled away in our respective libraries, rushing to get our work finished before the end of the week.

It was 70 degrees outside, yet Kenz was complaining about the "cold".

This dog was literally digging a hole for his toy. 

The mornings have gone dark again.

My temporary office for the past few months (less distraction). 


I was right. We reached a decision before I finished this blog post: we're flying out tomorrow. This is quite out of my comfort zone - moving our flights up from Monday has thrown me off what I thought my 'schedule' would be for the next three days. Spontaneity is not my strong suit. I'll be leaving now, in order to make several to-do lists and get started on packing!

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!

The next time I update will be October 11th. Brace yourself for an absurd amount of pictures. Until then...