Friday, December 6, 2013

Headed home for the holidays

It's been a remarkably uneventful week. We're spending the day tying up loose ends before boarding a plane tomorrow morning. We'll be leaving the house at (civilized) 4:45am. I'm not sure if I'll be posting while gone, so this may be it until mid January. 


Dustin's in-law's playing the dice game at Thanksgiving.

Dustin won! His wife, Taylor, has yet to win...her entire life.

The Ruckers, making Big Mom's stuffing again this year (although they went too hard on the broth and had to use muffin tins for molding...whoops!).

I saw this guy walking around in something he took off the back of a couch.

There's a miniature Winter Wonderland in Leicester Square. Kenz and I scoffed, comparing it to the WW.

Going for the elusive hipster market.

Owen stopped by for dinner and gift-giving on Wednesday night. Kenz was out, but he and I enjoyed an evening of steaks and the yummy beans Kara brought over. And pie. Leftover pie. Lots of pie.

It was nice to get one hangout session in with Owen before heading back to the States. We watched the NBA as the two of us are wont to do this time of year.

Now it's time to get in the holiday spirit. To aid:

Sandy sent a picture of her family's tree in Hong Kong

MOMA sent her stocking picture. Kenz is jealous that she doesn't have one (yet).

It's time to get back to cleaning out the fridge, finishing laundry, 'hoovering', and packing. Fingers crossed we don't have another delayed flight that causes us to make the poor decision of driving in from DC. It won't happen. It can't happen. It's Christmas, after all. Nothing like that happens on Christmas. Right?

Enjoy your holiday. Our hearts are with you, near and far. See you in the new year.