Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm afraid this will be another hodgepodge weekly post without a cogent theme. Forgive me. Let's press on:

Song of the day: Happy Valentine's Day, Outkast

Miscellaneous London stuff:

This is one way to learn your way around London. Of course, you could just read Randomly London's guide

To those of you who were concerned that we may be flooded down here in Walworth: we're not. Here's why. And here's what would've been the case without the Thames Barrier. And, if you're still interested in following links, take a trip down the flooded Thames here


It's been a hectic two weeks. Long story short: Kenz has been plugging away at her thesis every day since her return from the States. The final few days left her in zombie mode due to lack of sleep.


Last week's highlight was Kenz signing us up for Amazon Prime. I immediately started 'subscribing' to various items; you get 15% off if you subscribe to five or more items at once. The subscriptions come in once per month, which had us scratching our heads: what do we use in a month? My first thought was dates. I didn't quite think through how much 5kg of dates actually was, though. We also went with detergent, mustard, TP, and coconut oil. I know, I know - riveting material.

Can I eat all of this in one month? 


Kenz was working on her thesis throughout the weekend, so I went to visit Dom on Saturday night. He cooked me dinner and taught me about Alan Partridge.

This is his view.

And he lives right next to a Banksy.

Owen dropped by for some brunch on Sunday.

Kenz decided to wake up for his arrival (at 1pm) before spending the rest of the day with her nose in a book.


By Thursday, it was time for her to turn in the last writing assignment of the year. Of course, she wouldn't be McKenzie if she allowed for any extra time. The paper was due at noon; she turned it in at 12:01. Apparently she wasn't the only one rushing in, out of breath, at the last minute.  

C'mon, print faster!

The wake of her destruction.

Project completed!

After an all night rush to finish the work, Kenz celebrated in her standard fashion:

Sleeping for umpteen hours at a time...

...and ordering herself some pizza. 


By Saturday, I had my wife back.

Luckily, the sun had made an uncharacteristic appearance. I rushed Kenz out of bed saying, we need to take advantage of this - it's great - you're finally free and it's sunny! We hurried out of the house for lunch and a stroll around town.

Beaming with excitement to be finished with that dreaded thesis. 

By the time we'd finished our lunch, however, the weather had turned into rain. Of course.

Instead of going back home, deflated, we decided to visit the National Gallery. It had been two years since the two of us had gone together. We spent more than two hours walking around, showing each other our favorite pieces, making jokes about various pantings, and people watching. I think the two of us were just giddy to get to hang out once again; we hadn't had a day to fiddle fart around since before Thanksgiving.

Kenz: Does Adam have a 'fro?

Me: Uhh, yea?

After getting scolded by an employee of the museum, Sir, no photographs!, it was time to leave the museum and see what the weather held.

Cold, but not wet.

We strolled around, taking turns down alleys we'd yet to explore...

...stopping for coffee at one of my favorite locations.

Too busy inside!

We wound up sitting outside, still people watching.

Surprisingly, the two of us stayed out for eight hours that day, finishing with a meal at a Korean BBQ restaurant.

Kimchi & tofu.

Veggie fried rice.

Brisket, short ribs, and pork belly.


Owen came by again on Sunday, this time with lime & coconut cupcakes for the two of us.

We watched about 12 Winter Olympic events (live).

Kenz enjoyed her cupcake for breakfast.

We received Nancy & Patrick's 'save the date' in the mail on Nancy's birthday - happy birthday, Nancy!


Random Photo Dismount:

Patti mailed us a Valentine's care package (Kenz ate heart-shaped gummies for breakfast)!

I caught Kenz on her way to school one morning.

One of Kenz's most recent: three legged rope stool

She's currently painting a 'how to' series that corresponds with the stool.

And cooking fake bacon.

And cooking fake sausages.

And smiling a lot. It's good to have her back.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend.