Friday, May 16, 2014

Late sunsets make for good evening walks

Song of the Day: Turn Blue, The Black Keys

London Stuff: Turns out London is the most visited city in the world.


Last weekend, I hopped in the car with a bunch of folks and traveled out to Coventry for the British Senior Weightlifting Championships. My coach had an athlete in the event and encouraged several of us to come along to support him and get some exposure to fantastic lifting. I didn't quite know what to expect, seeing as I've only gone to local, homegrown events. This was next level, complete with spotlights on the platform and rotating colored lights annoying the audience. 

The Rioch Arena was a legit venue - it has a casino under the same roof.

Seth is on the far right - he got 2nd place in his weight division. 

I was pretty stoked to see Gareth Evans lift; he's an Olympian who, at 69kg, lifts more than I do (at 94kg).

Clean and Jerking 140kg

Naturally, he won his weight class.

I know this is a somewhat marginalized sport (like every other sport I've ever found interest in), so I wasn't expecting a sellout crowd at the arena. However, by the end of the day, every seat in the stadium was filled.

All in all, it was a great time. Rarely are there moments where you're both humbled and inspired at the exact same time.

It was such a beautiful day to spend inside. 


It's easy to forget, in the middle of a prolonged winter that grows dark by 4pm, that the spring and summertime offer a much later sunset. Kenz and I have been taking advantage of the weather by heading out of the house in the evenings, once our work for the day is completed. 

A friend of mine has lived next to Burgess Park for decades...

...he said it never had folks in it until the recent improvements. Now there's tons of folks enjoying it!

We went by the old Peckham Lodge, where we spent our first week.

Camberwell & St. Giles Cathedral

My fav Camberwell Street

Kid feeding pigeons on Camberwell Green; Kenz mugging.


Although I don't have a picture of it, the chair is now able to stand on its own. Kenz has spent the week intermittently applying more coats of resin, chipping away at straggling bits of strand, and explaining the chair to curious neighbors. She's hoping that this weekend will be the end of the resin phase, leaving her able to take it back to school at the beginning of next week. 

Monday morning madness

Chiseling off stragglers this morning.

She's also nearly finished with her most recent set of bronze casts and can be seen repping her onesie all over campus:

I won't be posting next week; friends Papo and Nancy will be in town to travel with us to Owen and Celia's wedding. We're super stoked for the visitors and the nuptials, but will have to wait an extra week before we can update you about it.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend.