Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Song of the Day: Agnes Obel, Dorian

Providence Stuff: We just might reelect this guy as our mayor. Oh, Providence.


For starters, yesterday was the sixth anniversary of McKenzie's 25th birthday (thanks for the phrasing, Tom). And, in true fashion, we've been celebrating her birthday for several days now. The first event was a trip down to the Providence Performing Arts Center for the regional touring production of Rogers & Hammerstein's Cinderella. She had been clamoring about wanting to go for a few weeks, but had no idea that's what we'd be doing last Friday night. As a result, she was in full on woodshop garb for our evening out - not quite what everyone else was wearing for the night. 

You could've told me to dress up!

The city is so walkable that we met at her studio and strolled across the river to the PPAC.

There were hundreds of little girls dressed as princesses. I was one of about twenty men in attendance.

It's a strange kind of neat to see how she has changed in the past eight years. Used to be, she'd want nice jewelry, flowers, and chocolate for her birthday. This year, she asked for a tool belt and a knife. I woke her with her first gift and saved the second for the end of the day.

It may or may not have her initials on it.

She'd received a few other gifts in the mail as well. 

Her friends - the only other two students in her three-year program - got her a cake and a gift!

That night, she about lost it when she saw her new knife - the same one as mine. 



We've been spending as much time as possible with our only non-school Providence friend, Jasmine, these past few weeks. She's moving to New York in December. We're trying to guilt her into staying, but we won't be successful. Jasmine has helped immensely with the transition, not only providing company but also where to go for this and that. Expect several more pictures of her until she moves.

Pet life these days is about as standard as it comes.

Kenz loves to give the dogs treats.

Bruce Bruce suffers from hangovers when he spends all night out at the bars. 

The dogs constantly vie for attention.

Willow, the strange one, sometimes curls up on the cat bed. 

Bruce Bruce longs for the outside.

But doesn't mind the couch.

And sometimes steals the dog bed (filling it as much as the dogs do).

Relegating Willow, yet again, to the cat bed.

Last night, I finally realized what a typical evening in this household will look like. I went around and photographed it (mainly because I knew it was about to be Friday and I didn't have too many pictures). Everyone gets tired after the sun goes down. The cat has had a long day of napping and snacking. The dogs have just finished their second hearty walk. All three pets have had their dinner (promptly) at 6pm. Momma Kenz returns from the studio ready for some hot food. And we all curl up in our various spots to watch some television before bed.

Domestication city.

Random photo break:

Kenz is hidden under there, somewhere. 

I found a bird living in our shed. 

My best Michael Gibson impression.

Our stuff arrived from London this week - only 16 weeks after we shipped it...

Kenz learned how to laser cut wood.

And she's making an egg out of mahogany.

And she loves that egg.

Last but not least, we welcomed a new nephew to our family: Oliver Michael Hogue was born on October 23rd at 4:30am. He's the only newborn I've ever seen that was immediately cute. We look forward to doting on him come Christmas. Congratulations, Whitney & Michael!

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!

Kenz is keeping all the peanut butter M&M's for herself!