Saturday, July 6, 2013

McKenzie's 1st 2 Weeks in the States without her beloved

Ok, so since David and I are away from each other this month I thought I should actually do a post about what I'M up to here in the States.

David and I FaceTime about every morning my time (lunchtime for him).  It's really awesome.

My Hubby Inside the Phone

Before Annie came in town, I just pretty much hung out with the dogs: 

Me and David's dog, Apollo

My sister Whitney's dog, Nala

Me and David's dog, Willow, in her "safe" place

My parents dogs, Bailey and Murphy

My sister Whitney's dog, Jack

So with JUST the dogs, I'm a pretty happy camper.  But then I got to attend David's Family
Reunion for a day and a night even though David's not here (Thanks for letting me share your room Kara!)

Here's some pics of the great reunion:

I beat my nephew, Garrett at cornhole....he was not happy.

Hubby FaceTime!

Here's where the family was staying, at BuckBerry Lodge in Gatlinburg.  You can find more .here.

Garrett's dinner for the evening

The name of me and Kara's room/suite

View from the porch

Sissy Time!!!

After the reunion, I had some time to shop for my sweet husband and Annie before she arrived.  The Tennessee Flag t-shirt is David's and the Knoxville tee is Annie's.  I just couldn't help myself.

I also made a little American care package for Annie before she arrived.
 So once Annie arrived on Monday, it's been go, go, go.  I want to force her to see EVERYTHING that Knoxville has to offer.   The pictures below really show what I was going for.

Annie's first Cracker Barrel expericnec 


Got those Dollywood tickets!  Who cares if it's raining, we live in London!

This is Dollywood's newest ride, Wild Eagle.  It was awesome.
 One good thing about it raining at Dollywood is that there are NO lines, so we got to ride everything at least twice.  I think the longest we waited was 10-15 minutes.   We had the best time ever.

I'm like a mom, so I have to make Annie pose in front of everything.

More hubby FaceTime! 
4th of July rolls around....these are the fireworks that we bought.  David normally does the show, but I had to take over this year.

Annie got to drive for the 1st time!

1st American outfit

The next day, fireworks are NOT so cool.

Best American thing I could think of to take Annie to was......A GUN RANGE!!!!  So the below pics are various stages of that event today!

Annie signing her life away.

The awesome Coal Creek Armory

Just what the store had to offer

Practicing safety and form
And yeah, zombie ever.  Annie and I would definitely survive the apocolypse if it happened and we had some guns.  Nice work us!

That's really all for us now.  We leave tomorrow morning on our Graduate School roadtrip so I'll be posting again later next week to update!!!!

Miss you David and I love you!