Friday, August 16, 2013

Photo update

Song of the day: Junip, So Clear

There's little adventure to report this week. Kenz and I have been commuting back and forth between our respective libraries. We spent the weekend around the house, catching up on sleep, reading, and renting some forgettable movie. 

She ordered this for herself.

By most standards, our place isn't 'small'. I don't feel cramped at all; I've grown used to the space. However, when your spouse falls, headfirst, into a weeklong binge-watch of some television show you can't get interested in, all of a sudden the house feels like a shoebox. Kenz has spent the past eight days in a Battlestar Galactica spiral, and there's no end in sight. I've tried shouting NO! the moment she turns on the television, to no avail. 

Of course, this is the first time the shoe is on the other foot. I've monopolized the television much more often than she has, so I'm just going to have to 'grin and bear it' for as many days as this obsession continues. 

Kenz's new sandals give her 'Wal-Mart feet'.

I'm continuing to enjoy the influx of JIF.

Our neighbor was testing his new rig in the parking lot last week. Apparently he's taking it to Italy for a film. 

We went to Brixton early on Sunday afternoon. We've heard and read all sorts of things about how Brixton is fast becoming the 'new' Shoreditch/Hackney of London [read: hipsterville]. The market (Brixton Market aka Brixton Village aka Brixton Arcade) is a covered series of alleys lined with restaurants, coffee shops, and a swath of independent retail stores. We found a tremendous amount of late twenty/early thirty yuppie-types out for brunches and browsing. Despite ourselves, we probably fit right in.

We explored for a while, eventually stopping at Federation Coffee for beverages. We both agreed that consuming overpriced, artisnal organic fruit drinks meant we didn't have the right to silently judge the hungover hipster brunch crowd.

We stopped in several stores that offered the type of merchandise you'd buy as a mild-but-usable gag gift for someone else.

A Grumpy Cat calendar.

Adult-themed coloring books.

Paint your own gnome.
A good, reliable laugh that Kenz and I have come to depend on is juxtaposing clothing made for British men to my body type. Many of the shops had 'XL' shirts that could be held up, dwarfed by me. Don't get me started on trousers. I can't fit my thighs into anything over here.

Normal Brixton sights...

We got to watch these two 'hang' while waiting on the bus.

Owen stopped by for dinner and quality time on Monday night. Celia is out of the country, so he even spent the night. We had good times.

Owen tries to stretch his inflexible body using a foam roller. There were many yawps of pain, "My body is like a tightly coiled spring."

I nudged him to enjoy my favorite new snack: dates.

He and I took a walk through Burgess Park. 
You can see an 11-second video of him 'communicating' with the Cormorants here.

A few random photos to finish:

I got nothing. This was stuck in the fence as I passed. No explanation.

My view from the Peckham library on Wednesday.

While walking home on Thursday afternoon, I saw a fox hopping around the park. Surprised to see one during the day, I stopped to investigate. The fox was 'playing' with some member of the rodent family, chasing it and batting it around before s/he eventually ate it. It was one of those moments where, initially, the scene looks 'cute'. But, then, you start to really think about it and the entire scenario is a bit morbid. Nature blends horror and beauty quite effectively.

We're about to have a back-to-back set of visitors. My nephew, Garrett, will be here from Monday to Thursday, and then our friend, Nye, will be with us the following weekend. Brace yourself for a too-long post next Friday.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!