Friday, August 2, 2013

She's Back!

Song of the Day: Posters, Youth Lagoon

Updating you on what I did last week seems uninteresting now that Kenz has returned. Not that it was all that interesting before...

I was invited over to Jane & Julian's house last Friday night. Jane is Owen's (very preggers) sister. We ate delish burgers, took a couch apart in order to move it from one place to another, and had lots of fun hanging out & talking trash.

O & C

Julian had his own special blend (left); Jane's were on the right (yum despite her vegetarian-ness).

It took us over an hour to figure out how to take the couch apart. 

I was 'supervising' for most of it, natch. 

Jane and Owen took turns obsessively stirring the onions (debates ensued as to whether or not it was 'obsessive').

A shamefully out of focus picture of Jane. I think she's got two more weeks until that lil baby comes out. 

We reassembled the couch just before we left. All in all, it took us about two hours. We decided not to go into the moving business. 
On Saturday, having nothing pressing on the schedule, I chose to go to my gym to watch a competition. For those of you unfamiliar with CrossFit, I'm sure you'll hear about it in the next year. Odds are, you'll hear about it in one of two ways: the obnoxious CrossFit evangelical or the obnoxious CrossFit hater. Either way, take whatever anyone says with a grain of salt. The competition was between two different London CrossFit gyms. I had no idea what to expect. Being one of 'those' people who usually only attends the 6am sessions, there were a lot of people there I didn't know. The 6am folks are like the nerds of the group, while the 5, 6, & 7pm folks are the 'cool kids'. It was a team competition (3 teams from each gym), lasting all day. I believe there were five workouts in total.

It turned out to be a pretty enjoyable event, but part of the enjoyment was knowing I didn't have take part in the competition itself!

On the way home, I ran into a stranger who was wearing a Johnny Cupcakes shirt. I stopped him for an obligatory pic.
Random photo break:

Kikster & Jamie

Kenz & Whit

Wig & Butt

Southbank on a Saturday

One in a series of public greenhouses set up for the summer

Kara & Jerry's dog, Pepper, had butt surgery - they shaved a rectangle in her butt.

Kenz mailed me a care package!


The worst case of road rage I've ever seen: This person stopped the car in order to yell at a pedestrian (who was in the right). I filmed it. She called the cops on me. The cops laughed and told me to put the video on YouTube - that I had done nothing wrong. Fun Thursday afternoon. 

Oh yea, and Kenz got home yesterday. No big deal.

Psyche! BFD!

We took advantage of what may be one of the last days of summer. Not long after she got home, we headed out into town, walked around, rode some swings (like last summer), ate ice cream, walked a bit more, held hands, etc. It was glorious.

She's back!


Let's try that again. 

It was 90 degrees outside; I felt for the guy in the kangaroo outfit. 

Kenz didn't waste time in Covent Garden - straight to the empanada station.

Happy girl

"Don't make it look like I've got two cones!"

The Clipper Round the World Yacht race will start on September 1st in London. This was the display in the middle of Trafalgar Square. 

As I mentioned, we found the same vertical, spinning swing set that we rode last year (which freaked me out - heights, innit?). Wanting to be an extra-loving husband upon my wife's return, I acquiesced to riding them again.

But this time, it wasn't me that had the problem...

...Kenz gets claustrophobic... 

...and the swings were enclosed in a plexiglass bubble this year... 

...which had me feeling safe while Kenz proceeded to try and grasp for ways of feeling free from the enclosure... sticking her fingers out of the air holes.

A smile among panic.

The river Thames.
All in all, a successful homecoming for Kenz.

My five weeks of a tidy house, with everything in its place, and a relatively rigorous structure day-in, day-out have all gone to the wind. Within an hour, the house was a mess, Kenz's stuff covered nearly every square inch of table-top surface space, and she had already made me a grocery list for the next morning. I came home last night to find her sprawled out, on the couch, having had set up the clip-fans she'd mailed me, sleeping. And I wouldn't have it any other way; it's good to have her back.

She slept until 1:30pm this afternoon.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!