Friday, March 7, 2014

The Sun is Out

Song of the Day: Don't Mean a Thing, St. Paul and the Broken Bones

London Stuff: What did London look like 1,000 years ago? Roughly this. What if London was located at the end of the world? Or, at least, what folks used to think was the end of the world.


Spring is emerging here in London. We won't 'spring forward' into Daylight Savings Time for another two weeks, but I did walk outside in shorts today. I'd forgotten what it felt like to be warmed by the sun.  

Kenz spent the week making grog for her plaster casting. Even though we don't have kids, I got a taste of what it's like to be a parent: when she got home, covered in plaster, the first words out of my mouth were don't track that all over the house! 

Dirtying up my house.

As Kenz was out making a mess of herself this week, I spent time in a London sound studio. Some of you may remember that I edited a book at the end of 2012. The ghostwriter, Matthew, and I have maintained a working relationship ever since, and I was the script editor on his most recent radio play, The Minister's Secret. It won't be available until late April, but I'll be sure to let you know where to find it once it's on iTunes.

Jokes about one-way mirrors were made. 

It was my first time in a sound studio, working with professional actors and technicians. Matthew was abuzz, managing the entire event. He had been rehearsing with them all week, but I hadn't, yet, heard the script come to life. We ran through a few last rehearsals, gave notes, and spent the better part of six hours recording.

Matthew briefing sound technicians. 

Luckily, Matthew and I had done a good job prior to the day. We made few, minor script adjustments before recording. Not having to rework major sections of a manuscript on the day of is always a relief. I look forward to hearing the final product.

Prep work with some actors prior to recording.

Checking levels.

My workspace

Studio Selfie!

Apart from that, the week was fairly standard:

Kenz got me a massive goose egg at Borough Market.

Thing was huge!

The yolk was so heavy that it bent the spatula.

One goose egg = roughly three chicken eggs. 

Kenz has returned to artichokes.

I made my way up to Archway to meet a friend. I'd never been to this neighborhood before. It's got what I think is the biggest (read: only) hill in London.

You'll never guess what's on the corner of this street...


Dogs get treated well in Archway.

That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend! 

Kid in a cape, Walworth Road.