Friday, March 14, 2014

They Call it Providence

Song of the Day: Finch on Saturday, Horse Feathers

London Stuff: The zoo welcomed three tiger cubs. This map is pretty cool (we live across from the park that says 'Don't walk at night', immediately below 'Stormy Labour Meetings', and right above 'Once a Peaceful Village Green').


The breath-holding is over; we can finally exhale:

McKenzie has accepted an offer from the Rhode Island School of Design to be an MFA candidate in their Furniture Design program! 

It wasn't an easy decision; in fact, she lost several days' sleep over it. Kenz had a very attractive offer from another school, and spent several hours on the phone with professors and students from each of the two programs (after having done months' worth of research on her own). In the end, she chose RISD based on its curriculum, resources, visiting professors, and prestige-based networking. RISD is, after all, a perennial favorite of graduate school ranking systems. 

She starts on September 8th. We'll be there for three years. Kenz is still in disbelief, having a hard time coming to terms with how much of a badass she is. I, on the other hand, am happily spending my evenings learning about Providence (and price-checking Celtics season tickets).

But, please, don't ask about our moving plans. The next six months are going to be...hectic.


The weather here persists in its pleasantness, despite the residents' disbelief. I went for a walk around Burgess Park on Saturday afternoon and, even though I wasn't wearing a jacket, I broke a sweat. That's how nice it is.

Kids were getting tutorials on the BMX track.
Folks were out BBQ-ing, throwing frisbees, walking dogs, walking kids, skating, etc.
Soccer was crowded.
I didn't photograph any, but there were about 20 fishermen around the banks of the pond.
Ducks were loving it.

A pickleball-style game I haven't figured out yet.


We made it up to The Wallace Collection on Sunday afternoon for Jeff Evans' birthday (Owen's dad). The Wallace Collection (if you don't want to follow the link) is a national museum situated inside an old London townhouse. I say townhouse because that's what the website says, but he house is massive - not even by London standards, by all standards. Inside the courtyard is a French restaurant; we had a reservation for eight adults and one infant.

Kenz and I chose to walk some of the way since the weather was still so nice. I tell ya - it doesn't matter how long or dreary the winter is here, as soon as the sun comes out everyone forgets how bad it was. What they remember is that London is the greatest city in the world when the weather is nice.

The streets were more crowded on Sunday than they had been in months. It was glorious.

Folks love some Patty & Bun; quintessential British-style queueing.
This is a random photo I took in order to show how crowded it was. 

Jane told me that one of Bridget's play-friend's parents are Swedish and that they have a term, lins lus, which translates lens louse. Such a term refers to an individual who immediately smiles a photogenic smile as soon as a camera is turned their way. She didn't specify if the term only refers to babies, but did assert that Bridget fits the description. Fair enough; Bridget is one cuuuute baby. And sweet. Like, not a crier. Totally subdued, happy to stare at whatever is one foot in front of her face. 

Giving Bridget the lins lus treatment.
She didn't cry for three hours.

Julian's daddy duty.
Everyone wanted a chance to hold lil Bridgett.
Proud momma

Owen and I nailed the greatest hazlenut & dark chocolate ice cream ever for dessert.

We sat at that table from 1:45 - 4:30, but it felt like 30 minutes. The Evans are just a great family to be around. Quick to laugh and full of love, their welcome has meant a lot to us since our arrival. We were touched to be a part of Jeff's birthday celebration. Afterward, Jane and Julian took Bridget home and the rest of us spent half an hour touring the collection.

All in all, it was a fantastic Sunday afternoon. Happy birthday, Jeff!


The woodshop at CCA has been closed all week, which means Kenz hasn't been able to start building the mold for her rope chair. In the meantime, she's been toying with that massive link of sisal rope. 

I know she's got a lot of other irons in the fire, but I can only post the pictures she sends me. I'm sure I'll have more in the coming weeks/months as she draws nearer her final show in June. 


That's it for this week. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend! 

She's had a permagrin all week; RISD-bound!