Friday, February 17, 2012

February stuff

The two things February has on offer: cold weather and Valentine's day.

Delightful Valentines Greetings (name that movie!)
Most of you probably know this, but Valentine's day six years ago was when I called up McKenzie to ask her to be my Valentine. I was really nervous about it, thinking that she wouldn't want to go on a date or that she would laugh in my face for asking her out on Valentine's day. The phone call went something like this:

Me: So do you have a Valentine today?
Her: No. Do you?
Me: No. (then, as I'm gathering the courage to ask her out, she interrupts me)
Her: Well, my roommate and I are having an anti-Valentine's day dinner if you want to come over and eat with us.
Me: ...Suuure, that sounds great. (shit)

It wasn't until a few days after that did I actually get to ask her out on that date.

The next year, she made it clear to me that she doesn't really like Valentine's day, thinks it's kind of stupid, and doesn't require flowers or chocolates. I was happy to oblige.

A few years after that, she got mad at me for not doing anything for Valentine's day.

Me: But you told me you didn't like Valentine's day!
Her: Yea, but that was back when I was trying not to scare you! I want some flowers!

Of course. I'm the idiot. I should've known better.

This year was a bit scary because I hadn't done much planning ahead. And Kenz knew it. And she was giving me grief for it. Fearing that I'd be murdered in my sleep, I set out on the 14th to make some power moves. I got some half-price tickets to the Gershwin musical, Crazy For You, some chocolates, and some flowers (the holy trinity of Valentine's day).

I also made some "coupons" that read:

This voucher is good for one:

"McKenzie, you're absolutely right."

Fine print:
There are no restrictions regarding context, situation, or surroundings. 

This can be used in any case, including:
1. I'm wrong and you simply want me to shut up. 
2. I'm right and you simply want me to shut up. 

I made 12 of them - one for each month out of the year. I think she's saving them for when we have an audience.

She told me that she'd never make something like that for me, grinning.

Yea, that's a Coke-Cola glass acting as a vase. 

I'm sure to regret these. 

However, since I hadn't booked a reservation at some posh place in the center of the city, we wound up going to a Pizza Express. It's a franchise here in London - nothing too swanky, but we both love pizza so it was a success. 

"I didn't know the beer was going to be this big..."
Heart shaped dough balls with pesto, butter, and goat cheese! 
The play was entertaining. We enjoyed the dancing, but the plot, singing, and acting were not quite as exceptional as what we've been used to here in the West End. But we knew it wasn't going to be the same before we even went in. The play isn't really known for its plausibility. Kenz enjoyed the slapstick. 

We walked most of the way home, still reeling at the fact that we live here and there's still so much to do in this city. It was a fantastic day.

The previous Saturday, I got out with the regular disc golf group. It had snowed in London on Thursday, but by Friday afternoon it was all gone. However, much to my surprise, there was still lots of snow in Croydon.

The crew watching discs fly. 
Someone had made the largest snowball I've ever seen out of about 2 acres of snow. 

This = cold hands.

Lloyd Park

I love eating snow, but these days it gets 'caught' in the beard.

We got to talk to Kara this week. We always catch her when she's in her robe.

Nobody makes better faces. 
Kenz has made a habit of playing some video games when she gets home at night. We got these headphones so that the sound doesn't play through the TV. That way, whoever isn't playing video games can read or type or sleep without being disturbed. However, there really is no way to look "cool" while wearing them...
"I got him. I got the dragon."
 Camberwell building moment: The old bathhouse that's now a boxing club.

The day after Valentine's day, I took the trash out and saw this. I imagined someone's Valentine's wish was that their partner would take that damn Christmas tree out.
"What do I want for Valentine's Day? Take out that fucking tree!"

Tom: If it's a plant, eat it. If it's made in a plant, stay away. 
The Valentine's tulips are finally starting to open up:

The flat is starting to feel like home - nothing like having to clean the place to really make it feel like "this is where we live now."

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Thanks for reading! Have a good weekend! Another exclamation point!