Friday, February 10, 2012

Pack, Move, Unpack

Nobody likes to move. 

I mean, we like the idea of having a new place, the excitement that comes with that, and getting to play with all the new gadgets and toys the new place offers. But - at the end of the day, moving isn't easy stuff. Packing, packing, packing, discarding things not needed, more packing, moving boxes, saying "this time I'm going to get organized," cleaning, moving more boxes, doing the last few loads of laundry, finding socks you've been missing for months, and more packing. It's not a particularly pleasant experience. 

Kenz had a few choice words for me during this process. As the moving day moved closer and closer, she would grow more agitated with me - as if it was entirely my idea to move. She couldn't help it - her selective memory is one of her endearing traits. It makes me laugh. She'd get mad at having to pack and look at me like this:

But she's an awesome packer. The two nights before we moved, she came home from school and totally owned packing the kitchen. We make a pretty good packing team: she packs most of the boxes and I move most of them. 
Packing dishes
In fact, Kenz conveniently had school on moving day...
She's mildly sad to leave the old place
Playing hookie (from packing) by going to school. 
However, the night before the big move, I had a disc golf buddy gimme a call - he had an extra ticket to the Fulham FC game. Fulham is a part of the Premiere League, which is the top tier within the UK. These guys are much better than the Charleton team I went to see back in November. This team was founded in 1879. Parts of their stadium are just as old. My buddy, Rich, teased me about the fact that the team is roughly half as old as my country of origin. An American named Clint Dempsey plays for the team. He scored a goal in the 1-1 tie vs. West Brom. 

The fans surrounding me made the Charleton fans sound like nuns. 

Richard has had these awesome season tix for 15 years
The owner of the team loves Michael Jackson. MJ came to the field one time, but no one believed it was actually him. 
Our new place is a renovated school. The school was built in 1877. The sides of the building (the left part is where our place is, but we're on the back side) were added in 1904. It's a really cool place - there's a girl's and a boy's entrance. 

 We're on the second floor - there's 3 other flats on our side of the building on the same floor (you can't get to the main part of the building if you go in through the girl's entrance).

The place came fully furnished. Our last place came "fully furnished." However, this one actually came furnished (with more than 2 couches and a kitchen table). I'm really happy to have furniture. Most of it is Ikea stuff that looks nice but is always on the verge of falling apart. Kenz broke her dresser the first night and was cussing it.
Inside the front door. Bookshelf. I keep my shoes and some clothes in the cabinets below, much to Kenz's consternation. 


This window runs to the ceiling. It's awesome, but super drafty - we've been keeping the curtains closed since it's so cold outside.

I'm currently standing in front of that computer typing this.

The kitchen has much nicer appliances but is a bit smaller storage-wise.

Guest "bedroom" upstairs

We brought the whiteboard! And hung some pictures! These are the stairs to the right of the front door. 

Guest bedroom. Hobbit bathroom. The door is five and a half feet tall. 

It's even got a second shower!

To our bedroom. Notice the lack of doors up here.

I'm happy to finally have a bedside table. First time in about 3 years. 

You have to hold the shower head. Kenz refuses to use this shower. 

Massive storage downstairs.
We're still getting used to the place. The sound travels throughout the entire house. If I'm eating an apple downstairs, Kenz can hear it upstairs. And the fact that there are no doors upstairs means that when we have guests, we'll all be able to have pillow talk chit-chat with the guest even though we'll be in different rooms. Like - Kenz and I can talk to the guest in the other room without any problem. So think about that when you come visit. I'm sure it's a double edged sword. Farts included.

It'll take a while before it really gets to be 'home', but both of us really, really like it. It's a much nicer place than we expected to be in while we were here, but that's part of the good thing about our location. Ain't nobody trying to live in Southeast London, so we got a killer deal.

And it snowed!

Kenz has fun lurking around this window. She's brushing her teeth in this one. 
And this past weekend, I got to go help Owen shoot a music video with his band. It was mildly entertaining.

The Great Malarkey
 Their previous video. 

This is how cold it is here. 

All in all, it's good to be here. And out of that old place. We'll be getting a sleeper sofa before March - a friend of mine will be here March 3-11, then Whitney (Kenz's sister) will be here most of the rest of March and maybe even into April.

The saga of Hotel GibsonEthier continues. Feel free to book your room via email.

Much love, thanks for reading!