Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My End of the Year - 1st Year McKenzie

1st Year End of the Year Show!!!! McKenzie

So I haven't even shown y'all pictures of my school yet, so we'll start there.

Here's the front of the school...the new part.

And here's the old front part.  They've basically just meshed the 2 buildings together which then turns the interior of the school into a maze.  I feel truly accomplished that I can find my way around now.

Old part

Original entry

A typical painting studio (I don't work in here, but in the drawing studios)
So the end of the year show's are really stressful as we're also completing our assessments for the year.  We had to do formal powerpoint presentations this time, explaining what we've been working on all semester, etc.

I guess I'll just show you what I've been working with all semester so you can maybe understand my final piece a little bit better.  I got interested in colours and shadows and playing with this idea of mine about "Social Planes of Behaviour".  Basically the idea that the further (vertically)  a person is removed from the ground plane, like where public transport and pedestrian walkways are, the less social space becomes for people.  So below is my first attempted installation to try to say that abstractly.

My 1st installation project ever

I didn't really think that this project was really working, but I really like the shadows and colours cast on the wall by the pieces of acrylic that I used.  So then I started doing the below experimentations.

And then after taking tons of photographs, I tried pencil to render the shadows.  Didn't really like that either.  It started to look too realistic.
So then I tried etching the shadows...kinda of liked that...but not quite there.

And then, finally, I decided to render the shadows using graphic line weights and abstract them.  So here's what I came up with:
My final piece as displayed

The left side of the display

The right side of the display

So there you go!  My shows should be around the same time every year so it would be great if everyone could come for my final 3rd Year Show!!!!

Hopefully soon, I will also post about the trip to Paris and Spain that Whitney and I was AMAZING!  I definitely need to get on here more!

Love you guys and can't wait to see all the Tennesseeans for the 4th of July this year!