Friday, May 4, 2012

Picture Post!

It's late in the afternoon and I'm trying to finish cleaning the house before McKenzie get's home, so this'll be a shorter post. Those of you that follow me on any type of social networking site have probably seen most of these photos...

This guy was hiding his laughter on the tube; he was listening to something funny on his iPod. 

As I mentioned last week, we went to see Master Class (a play about the classes Maria Callas used to put on after she lost her voice). McKenzie didn't like it, but I was floored. I thought it was exceptional. 
This is the set of Master Class

Saturday Afternoon, we went to a pastry shop for our friend, Dom's, birthday. We didn't know anyone else there for his birthday, but it didn't matter. 

Later that evening, McKenzie and I went to see the Avengers Assemble (we had it a week before the States!!). We went to get some dessert at a frozen yogurt shop in Leicester Square (we didn't actually have any pastries at the  birthday party - we had opted for actual food). I went to the restroom while Kenz was ordering and when I came out, the attendant looked at me with a face full of pity. "What," I said, as he turned his gaze to my wife, sitting at a table already:
The "EXTRA EXTRA LARGE" is 3 scoops. Kenz got 4 scoops. 
And she hat gotten it for herself! She hadn't even planned on sharing it with me - I had to get my own. I got half that amount.

We saw some new leggings while waiting to purchase our tickets:

And, of course, McKenzie had to have popcorn at the movie as well. We found a piece of popcorn hidden in her scarf while riding home on the bus...

When we got home, McKenzie complained that her tummy hurt. She's like a child. 

Monday evening had me down in Forrest Hill. My friend, Jim, took me to a small road that serves as an artist's community. There are several studios and whatnot. There's a section of a building - the one facing the main road - that they all share to feature their work. We got to see someone's rendition of the periodic table:

I went for a jog (you read that correctly) the first day the weather broke. I found this building tucked away in my part of town. Everyone says Camberwell/Peckham/Walworth is ugly, but every now and again I find a little gem like this one:

I was watching this person walk through the tube station with this chair, and happened to get on the same train as them. I got to watch her face go through the thought process of, "well, I've already got this chair - may as well sit on it while I'm on this train..."

I'm now regularly sleeping with five pillows.

Went out to Bermondsey today to meet with a friend and run some errands. We stopped for Vietnamese coffee at the Caphe House (see what they did there?). The bottom half inch is condensed milk; the coffee drips down from that metal thing on top. Once it's done brewing, you stir it up and it's all sweet creamy goodness.

 I just saw this walking back home this afternoon. Don't ask me:
Those were women packing the car, FYI sexist. 
We stopped by the London Glassblowing Studio in Bermondsey and got to watch some people doing some crazy magical stuff. If I hadn't been on the clock, I'd've stayed there the rest of the day to watch them work. The one guy I have pictures of invited us to look closer at his work and explained a bunch of stuff - answering questions and all. Kenz and I'll def be back there asap.

And I got Friday flowers for my gurl...

Y'all have a great weekend!