Friday, May 11, 2012

NBA, Art, and Spring

I think I wrote last week that we'd had one day of sun in about fourteen days of rain. It's been much the same for the past week, however today the sun broke through the clouds. It's glorious. I got down to Kenz's school this afternoon to help carry some things home from her studio. I decided to walk the whole way, because it's just so nice to be outside in the sun. Usually I loathe the sun, because it comes with humidity, unpleasant sweating, and sand. Today, though, I enjoy it. It reminds me of a series of cliches, all having to do with appreciating the thing you've been lacking...

I've been walking a fine line, trying to balance real life with the NBA Playoffs. My friend, Joey, got me the NBA League Pass for Christmas, which allows me to watch all the games online - either live or on replay the next day. I have been watching most of the season on replay, but since the playoffs have started I've spent a few nights up super late, yelling at the computer screen. I know the NBA isn't very popular, so I won't go on and on about the Playoffs. We had Owen over last weekend, though. His girlfriend was out of town and he wanted to come watch a game with us. He thinks American sportscasters are pure comedy; he loves their catchphrases and usually repeats them, laughing to himself. 

Owen intently watching the Celtics beat the Hawks in game 3 of the series. 

We found some Cholula at the grocery store and got him a bottle; he loves it but can't find it in Hackney. 

Kenz has until Tuesday to finish the body of work she'll present at her first year art show. Her last critique is this week as well. And she's got an essay due. By the end of the week, she'll know whether or not she "passed" and can move on to being a second year art student.

All that to say she's quite busy, spending all day in the studio. She's zonked when she gets home in the evening. 

One more week!
"The phone looks weird with 3D glasses on!"
The only other notable thing this week was a guy who fell asleep on the bus and began snoring with the ferocity of Paul Bunyan. I could hear him despite wearing headphones, listening to music.

Ahhhh, London; the stuff of dreams.

Have a good weekend!